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Ron Gilfillan MPA, F. Ph


Ron Gilfillan has a very dynamic background ranging from photographing cars, motorcycles, fashion, and musicians. He has also photographed from helicopters and worked on movie sets.


Ron feels that over the span of his career  he has photographed everybody and everything.


Ron has been a professional photographer for the past 45 years,15 of which he was stationed in Vancouver where he owned and operated a successful commercial studio.He then moved on to Kelowna for 2 years. 


Moving back to Winnipeg in 1990 he went to work for G.B. Graphics as their fashion and location photographer for 15 years.


G.B. Graphics was the first studio in Winnipeg to go digital over 20  years ago.


In 1997, he was presented with the Photographer of the Year award from P.P.A.M.


Ron has sat on the PPOCMB board for two terms, one as Promotions Committee Chairmanin in 1997, and Education Chairman in 1998. He also worked on the PPOC National Convention Ottawa/Hall in 1999.


In 2003, he started teaching at Tec Voc High School as their head photography instructor.

About our school


Hornets remember the great athletic teams, generations of singers and musicians, students willing to give of themselves for others but our primary goal at Tec-Voc has always been to ensure that all students are getting the education that will best prepare them for the world of work and the opportunities of life.  Since it opened in 1951, Technical Vocational High School’s curriculum, which combines vocational training with related academics, has reflected the changing needs of a modern society. Its architectural design and materials meant Tec Voc was the height of modernity in 1951.  Over the years attempts have been made to maintain the best of the original design while upgrading the facility.  Architect W. A. Martin combined two significant 20th century architectural styles: Art Deco and Art Moderne.  Of all his school designs, Tec Voc is Martin’s crowning achievement.  Carved in limestone over a Tec Voc side entrance are these words: “Knowledge without practice makes but half an artist.

From the outset, Tec Voc featured an innovative music program.  Gilbert and Sullivan operettas were presented annually until the transition to Company(1-16) and then a string of successful musicals including West Side Story and Cinderella to the current TecStock, a tribute to the musical talent of students in their rock and roll bands.   Seldom did a parade occur in Winnipeg that did not feature the Tec Voc Marching Band complete with majorettes and drill team. Choirs have always been a mainstay at Tec-Voc recently returning to the Winnipeg Music Festival with much success.  The folk song choirs of the 50’s were a favourite as were the variety concerts and the Cabarets of later years. Throughout the years we have seen Tec-Voc student talent in the performing arts represented in nationally recognized jazz bands, provincially acclaimed dance troupes under the “DTC” banner, the famous and recorded Tec-Voc hand bell ringers, provincially recognized playwrights, improv groups, concert bands and glee clubs.  Annually our performing Hornets have added quality to our Open Houses, Remembrance Day ceremonies and community events.

Tec-Voc has always had the spirit to assist the community and those who could benefit from our support.  The students who organized the Tsunami Relief effort in 2005 received the Young Humanitarian award from the Manitoba Teachers’ Society.  Tec-Voc students have received recognition from the YM-YWCA, the Aboriginal Achievement awards, the Winnipeg Foundation, the United Way of Winnipeg and its predecessor the Red Feather campaign and the city and province.   Currently the Tec-Voc speaks year long, school-wide Human Rights initiative carries on a nearly sixty year tradition that has included the annual wheelchair banquet, the Red Feather shield, Shinerama, blood donor clinics, multicultural concerts, Penny Pinchers, the Student Leadership project, Omand’s Creek, Racial Harmony groups, Earth Day, Youth in Philanthropy, the G.S.A. and the Community Christmas dinners.  We can proudly say, “Wear with pride the Green and Gold of Tec-Voc High!


Over the years Tec-Voc staff have offered a plethora of interesting and enjoyable opportunities for students to participate in.  Some are standard such as yearbooks, grad committees, student council(though this institution has been replaced by Tec-Voc speaks the past two years), chess club and spirit clubs.  Clubs have ranged from Rocket Club to Scrap booking and everything in between including public speaking, radio club, the Tec-Voc Hi-Way, philosophy club, creative writing clubs and Anime.  Events such as Greyhound Games and Karaoke excited students as did the Royal Ball, the Coronation of Elizabeth II, Canada’s Centennial, Key to the School, Colour Day, Freshie Frolic, Canadian Cherry Pie Contest, Skills Canada, Rodeo Driving, “Sadie Hawkins” dance, “Stuff-a Bug”, Snow Week, Challenge Day, Air Band, Tec-Voc Idol, Fashion Bash ’88, Nutrition Week, Gym Riots, Tec Loves Shakespeare, Festival of the Arts and Terry Fox runs.  Like all organizations Tec-Voc has had its share of what goes around comes around including Pow-Wows, craft clubs, cheerleading, flying club, current events club, Pep and Spirit weeks, Busy Ed’s becomes Stinger’s, student trips to everywhere, Freshie day-week-month to oblivion, mathematics clubs and tug of war.  There are many paths to the Tec-Voc Highway.

Today Tec-Voc remains one of the most active, creative schools in Canada combining the excellence of our technical programs with the opportunities for students to pursue their academic dreams.  Our commitment to career education, essential skills and Workplace Safety and Health prepare our students for strong futures.  The Tec Learning Centre, our Study Skills program and the Tec-Voc Scholarship and Education Fund support them in their learning.  Activities such as Tec-Voc Speaks, Dance Tec Company, DECA, the annual elementary school Christmas Party, the Life Bus, Tec Intramurals, the annual Arts celebration, Career Fair, Mentorship programs, Skills Canada and the Fun and Field day round out the students’ lives providing motivation and spirit. Alumni who wish to keep abreast of happenings at the school are encouraged to access the Tec-Voc website at  We have much to be proud of and we are continually improving our means of letting people know it.


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