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Our Program

Tec Voc is Canada’s largest and oldest Photography School of it's kind. We have an over 8000 square foot, state of the art photographic facility supported by Professional Photographers of Canada/Manitoba. It is the only school that offers four entry levels. In Grade 9 students are introduced to the world of photography. Grade 10 to 12 is a three year, 10 credit course. Grade 11 to 12 is a two year, 8 credit course  certificate program. Tec Voc also offers a Post high one year certificate program, 8 credits. If students have an interest in photography, and want to aquire more information about the program, they should:


• Contact Mr.Gilfillan

• Schedule an appointment for a visit.

• Talk to one of our graduates that completed the program, and are now working in the Photographic Industry.


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