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Tec Voc Photo Adventures - April 7, 2017

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

MC College esthetics students teamed up with Tec Voc Photo's grade 11 and post-high students on Thursday for an afternoon fashion photoshoot! 7 Studios, 8 Photographers, Stylists, and Models, amazing results! Each photoshoot ended up with amazing photos, happy students, and lots of clean up!

(Pictured Above) Mikayla Carter (ph student) worked with an adorable flower fairy and produced fantastic results!

Hilda Askar (gd. 11)

pulled out floral celing decorations

and put them to good use in her

gothic style photoshoot!

Ivanna Sanderson (gd. 11)

got artsy with dry ice in her

Warrior Queen themed photoshoot!

Rhomill Olivar (gd.11) pulled out all the stops, using our complete dock set for his

mermaid themed photoshoot!

Great job to all of our photographers, stylists, and models!

With the end of term nearing, this was a short notice project, but everyone jumped in to help out and turned out fantastic results!

We are now taking applications for next year!

Make sure to tell your friends and spread the word, anyone and everyone is welcome!


Thanks for catching up with us, make sure to keep an eye out for more of the exciting things happening here at Tec Voc Photography!

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